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Default OT: People I hate and that annoy me

Not on here I mean in real life, you may add to the list if you want.Leave the ISH shlt out of this one if you will.

The guy that always sings every fauking song when it plays

This guy annoys the hell at me. Especially when he stares me down while he sings. Cool bro you knoe the lyrics to ludacris latest song. High five , no one gives a rats ass . Find something better to do then be a enimem want to be.Seriously you are scaring me , I just looked into your eyes and saw Charles Manson.

The skinty eye cigerette man

This guy always has to act like joe cool eveytime he puts a cig or lights up a roach. He puts on his bitter beer face everytime he touches the cig. to his mouth. For one your ugly ass wrinkley facew makes me want to shoot you and then me. Open up your god damn eyes you puss and stop acting like you have been poked in the eye .

The Mock your laugh when I have nothing witty to say guy

This stupid space cadet can't come up with his own shlt so in response to your joke you made about him, he decides to mock your laugh and make it sound like you are a horse getting fauked up the **** canal. Really it just makes you look like a idiot.
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