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Originally Posted by knickscity
Just wondering? Has anyone noticed that Pau plays alot better in all aspects of his game when he plays for his native Sapaniards

That's because Pau plays with them as a team. And FIBA's playing system is really different from NBA's and Gasol is more confortable with it. Maybe that's the problem, that Gasol is all alone when he plays with Grizz, and can't play as well as he plays in ACB or with his country.

However, I believe that these four months will be a good pause for Gasol to improve his game and his ideas, and of course for Grizzlies to improve themselves to demostrate that they're not only Pau Gasol. That's the moment for Stoudamire, Miller, Jones, Gay or Tsakalidis. It'll be a very hard work to stay in the race for PO but undoubtly they'll try with attitude.

P.D: Sorry if my English is not very good but I'm from Spain. Thanks for reading and see you around!!!
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