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Default Form Raptor Players who we " Couldn't " Keep .....

Just a list of some FORMER Raptor players who have gone on and become ALLSTARS or have done some pretty good things in there careers, surprising we couldn't keep any for that long ...... and to this day we still didn't get anything in return ( CHRIS BOSH LOTO DRAFT FREE PICK BECUZ WE WERE A CRAP TEAM, GET LOTO PICK )

Rafer Alston - Was pretty good here, didn't like Sam! ( Now he is Starting PG who is a big time PG NOW )

Carlos Arroyo - Decent BACKUP PG, not sure why he left?

Chauncey Billups - Had him for one year ( Don't no why we gave on up that, BIG MISTAKE! ) ALLSTAR

Marcus Camby ( We Drafted him but gave him away ) ALLSTAR!

Vince Carter ( Stopped liking Toronto) ALLSTAR!

Mike James ( Stopped liking Toronto )

Tracy McGrady ( Stopped likeing Toronto cuz of Vince was taking da spot like ) MISTAKE? ... ALLSTAR!

Morris Peterson ( We didnt want him .... so we gave him the boot and let him sign somewhere esle ) NOW WE NEED HIM!

Jannero Pargo ( Decent backup PG ) gave up on him

Damon Stoudamire ( was our corner stone ) traded him !

Jerome Williams ( we dumped him for nothing ) he would of stayed for free pretty much!

Those are just some players ..... who stopped liking toronto ... or we traded because we thought they weren't going to be good players .... yes i didn't take into account all of the trades n so what but im just saying .... if u look around most teams keep on two 1 player and ususaly they become GREAT .... We got BOSH NOW and we can't let him leave NEVER! ..... look who we could of had if we trusted in our selves .....
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