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Default Re: Form Raptor Players who we " Couldn't " Keep .....

Sure, but ...

Rafer Alston - was me-first chucker. Made team worse. Was not dumped soon enough. Is still terrible.

Carlos Arroyo - yes, was decent backup. Sure you are not getting your Arroyos mixed up? BTW - Raps had Childs, AWilliams and DCurry at guard that year (2002). Also Jermaine Jackson who was more of a SG had some people's hopes up, and so kept the roster spot (I think) after Arroyo was released.

Chauncey Billups - had no interest to play in TO, zero, demanded out, Raps had no chance.

Marcus Camby - made mgt nervous with perpetual injuries. Drug issues. Trade for Oakley. Very good trade at the time, and in hindsight.

Vince Carter - was playing for Raps about as much as I was. Yes, was a poor trade all can agree.

Mike James - see rafer Alston above, only worse

Tracy McGrady - very young at the time. At odds with Coach Carter who treated him as an employee, not as the boy he was. Bailed on TO, on his shoulders, yes it was bad that he left. Vince Carter with some effort and the raps could have kept him here, maybe.
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