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Default Re: Form Raptor Players who we " Couldn't " Keep .....

Originally Posted by jrcp3
yea but that's why you treat a ALLSTAR or Soon-to-be ALLSTAR .... the best ... you treat him different then all the other players ..... too pretty much whatever they want they get ..... Dirk for example was getting madd and demand they traded for a PG .... and BANG JASON KID SHOWS UP! ..... Kobe got pissed and demanded for someone esle and BANG GASOL! ..... same with Lebron so when you have a allstar or a future corner stone of a team you do watever he wants ( for the most part ) and thats how you win .....
Wording was a little strange but I agree with the general concept. A future all-star should be treated as such. Granted, yes T-mac hadn't reached his full potential as of yet but you gotta cater to the young talent because then they will remain loyal to you (in most cases) when they become bigger and their contracts run out. And as an NBA exec, you gotta be willing to take those risks.
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