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Default Re: Bargnani at SF next year? Again?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
The problem is, most of ABs shots were wide open last year, as he had a bigger defender on him. He still bricked the majority. He tried to take bigs off the bounce, but that was just ugly. I think having smaller, athletic 3's on him will make AB virtually non-existent. Imagine having a guy like Bowen or Artest guarding him? Just because AB is taller doesn't mean he'll hit a high %.

Wait Barganni can shoot over any of the the 3's with seven foot in height. Having a guy thats 6'5 to 6'9 will create some serious mismatches and Barganni has great footwork for a seven footer and if he is given the ball deep enough he should be able to back down any three because of his size. On defense the Raps should play some serious help defense but barganni won't be on the three when the LBJ, Loul Deng, Richard Jeffersons etc are on. He'll be on when the shooters and defenders on the three are on.
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