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Default Re: Clipper-Nation Roll Call!

Originally Posted by Kobe=MVP07`
Location: West LA
Favorite CLippers player: Elton Brand - Bdizzlle
Past: Odom
Numbers of Clipper Games attended: 4
Other: Lakers,
Reason: Honestly i was more of a closet clippers fan, i mean they were just horrid to watch, i am please to say that i became a full fledged fan BEFORE anyone [except me and inside people] Knew Baron was coming to LA!!!!!! -i will always be able to say that

a proud clipperfan since around 87-88 season, openly have been supporting for 20+years now.

favorite clipper: mark 'action' jackson
favorite current clipper: chris kaman
I live in oregon. can't go anymore. I grew up in LA tho.
others: NONE! only my red white and blue.
reason: I became a fan of ken norman and then danny manning, eventually to mark jackson and the rest of the clippers ever since junior high.
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