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Default Re: Clipper-Nation Roll Call!

Updating mines:

1. Location.- Echo Park (right by Dodger Stadium)
2. Favorite Current Clipper.- Baron Davis, Chris Kaman
3. Favorite Former Clipper.- Brand, Maggette, Miles, Q, Dooling, Boykins, Closs, Parks, Pike, Hollywood James Robinson, Pooh, Mark Jackson, Nique, Ron Harper, Ken Norman, Stanley Roberts, Wang, and of course Shaun
4. Anything else about yourself you want to offer - Go Clippers
5. Do you go to games?.- Yes when I can get tix for no more than 30 for either 100s or 200s
6. Movies.- Too many to name
7. TV.- ESPN, anything on MTV, BET,
8. Music.- mostly hip hop but anything will do
9. Favorite artists.- Ne-yo, John Legend, Kanye West, Day 26, Alicia Keys, LL Cool J, Game, Lil Wayne, Nas
10. Other Favorite Teams- Dodgers, Trojans, Saints
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