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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by qrich
Stewen is just annoying. At first, it was whatever, but damn, now it's just stupid.
Romosexual or whatever his million aliases are.
Pleezebelieve as well needs to stop slurping LeBrons jizz.
BULLS is posting in a "weak era" for complaining about earlier eras of NBA ball.

Though I don't look down on them, Crisoner and bagelred's constant one sided posting here is annoying as they make a hundred threads a week it seems.

Yeah, Gary Smith is def the fat poster-child for thiz thread. Good call on that. I'd add BagelRed to this list too.

Not sure about BULLS or Pleezebelieve, because regardless of how delusional their opinionz are, you K.N.O.W they are at least somewhat intelligence simply by having perfect grammar/sentence structure/endurance/wit etc.
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