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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Earth to Twiddle Dee Dumbhick, and Twiddle Dee Generate, I'm trying to help you out! Why can't you two insignificuntz understand that it'z my divine duty, az a smarter, older, handomer guy to help you out and improve life around me. Even if it meanz via internet. No good deed goes unpunished, huh.

Don't get me wrong my standardz for you guyz are lower than the depthz of the lava in Hell, but even then I expected a bit more wit to come out of. How disappointing. Seriously you two consistently come up with the least impressive sh!t I've ever read in my life. I wish you luck on your quest to self-improvement. Perhapz one day you'll become something honorable like a gas station employee or a farmer. But that seemz far out of your reach ATM.
I one day hope you can become a better person. It gives you a good feeling to hate on other posters . Ur a ****in retard low life who had nothing going for himself in life so he goes around trying to make people look foolish on a message board when he is the one who looks foolish. I hope you can get a degree in "Looking People Look Foolish on ISH, but Suck At IT" . Have fun living off welfare and food stamps for the rest of your life. *****
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