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Default Re: Bargnani at SF next year? Again?

The players that I see possibly being available and fitting that need are (and their 09/10 salaries):

Michael Redd - $17 million
Vince Carter - $16.3 million
Richard Jefferson - $14.2 million
Jason Richardson - $13.3 million
Mike Miller - $9.75 million
Mike Dunleavy - $9.78 million

Assuming the Raptors don't want to go into luxury tax territory and would want to match up contracts, the top 3-4 are probably not feasible since it would take gutting the roster depth down to about 11 players to get them.

I figure these would the main pieces offered to any team trying to dump their good player:

Bargnani - $6.5 million
Parker - expiring, $4.5 million in 08/09
Kapono - $6.2 million
mid to late 1st round pick - around $1-1.5 million?
Graham - expiring, $2.5 million in 08/09

If some team asks for Humphries, you wouldn't let him be a deal-breaker but I would prefer to keep him if possible.
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