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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by v-unit

Kind of shows your lack of ability so socialize and commute with people properly when someone asks to post a picture of them selves and you post 3 pictures of your self at age 14...Good stuff man! That's exactly what we asked for! Yeah!

Your first sentence just really sucks. That's all I can even say. I'm not gonna correct it, but it's shit.

And technically it is exactly what you asked for. If someone says "Post a picture of yourself" and they post pictures at age 14, is it not still them? They're adhering to the criteria, by posting a picture of themselves. Now if they asked for a current photograph, it'd be a different story. But if they just ask for a photograph, well, they better not being talking about that ****ty Nickleback song. Or the slightly less ****ty Def Leppard song.
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