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Default Re: Shawn Kemp Sr. is kicked out of Italian team.

Originally Posted by Jordandunk23
yeah i know its hard to believe another excuse. but rider's excuse i pretty stupid. hurricane ike actually came through houston and it affected the city so benefit of the doubt?

Hurricane Ike was almost a month ago now. I'd understand if the hurricane just hit, but it hit while Kemp was still in the US, I believe. As I said, it's just awfully convenient that once again, Shawn Kemp's comeback attempt is derailed by some sort of a complication that he refuses to take accountability for. If Kemp could read and write, I'd encourage him to check out The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

On a related note, I think any hurricane that hits anywhere in the continental USA has a 1-in-3 chance of going through an area where Shawn Kemp has family. Mostly baby mamas and what not.
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