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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by RidonKs
Oldboy rocked my gosh darn socks off. Holy god what a fantastic movie. It's probably one of my favourites at this point - can't wait to see the other two pieces of the trilogy, even if they'll surely pale in comparison to this one.


just saw this for the first time myself the other day after having it recommended to me an embarassing amount of times by people whose taste i really trust i. (i usually watch movies at the end of the night, and sometimes subtitles before bed are a daunting task. that's my excuse) phenomenal. some of it's hard to watch, incest always weirds me out (i hate when i'm casually browsing porn and some father/daughter or mother/son thing comes on, boner-kill) but the story was sick. how about the hallway/hammer scene? sick sick shot. proud of everyone involved. What are the other two pieces called?
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