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the only reason he was a fan favorite is because hes a crap player that isn't expected to do anything...hell Garth Joseph was a fan favorite...he got cheered because hes a white dude thats a bench warmer..and got minutes

he can hit shots..but hes not good at anything else..he has no "other" elements....Mitchell expects tomuch from him..i remember 1 time..bonner was covering KG in OT...the HELL IS THAT..he shouldn't even be on the court in OT..let alone covering KG
and i dunno if its becuase i hate him somuch..but i noticed that a lot of the times on last second shots that we lose..its partially bonners direct the mavs game where Terry hit the floater down the lane...bonner didn't shift at all to cover the lane..instead went to tighten up on Keith Van Horn on the weak side...completely exposing the lane
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