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Default Re: chris bosh story

it definatly seemed that way. he had an attitude/swagger about him. oh well. i still like the raps and bosh.

Originally Posted by bonez26
It's funny you mention that I have a friend that works as a teacher who's had a substitue working with him the last few weeks. It ends up she is really good friends with Kris Humphries. Anyways to make a long story short the Sub and another female teacher from the school went partying with Graham and Bosh two weekends ago. After asking them what they are like....Teacher A says Graham/Humps nicest down to earth guys you'll ever meet. Bosh....biggest prick all night long. Teacher B said somthing to the same effect. I don't know what to think. I Also have a friend that works at ACC said that he can be a prick sometimes too. Don't take it too harsh bro...some guys are just like that.
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