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Default Re: chris bosh story

If I was making millions of dollars playing basketball in Toronto, I would give every single person I could possibly give an autograph, and always pose for pictures.

It's as simple as that. If Toronto fans did not support Bosh, and buy merchandise and go to games, nobody would care about him. Look at the Blue Jays. They are nobodies in baseball, and even though they have some good players, they are not getting any type of hype in the MLB at all. Why? because the fans don't support them. The Blue Jays have also actually won the world series twice, unlike the Raptors not even coming remotely close to the finals.

Toronto fans have always supported the Raptors. We have been out of the first round once, and yet we still pack the place. When Bosh was being called Over hyped during his first couple of years in Toronto, the fans stuck by him.

He should appreciate the fans and realize they are the reason he isn't being treated like a Blue Jay right now.
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