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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by gencbiba
Body Of Lies... WOW.

This movie was great. Maybe it also has to do with me paying a lot of attention throughout the whole movie, but I really enjoyed it. DiCaprio is incredible... I always knew he was one of the best actors, but he just is really good in this one. Crowe is also very good. He really irritated me, so that means that he played his character very well also.

It's really great because here you have the fighter in DiCaprio, doing everything for Crowe, while Crowe is at home, watching over him and giving him orders as if he is doing most of the work.


Yea... but what's the guys name?... Hani?.... He's really doing most of the work. I love how he used Roger Ferris to get his man... And the way he expains it to him at the end is awsome... This movie had it all.
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