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Default Re: chris bosh story

Originally Posted by Salami_N_Cheese
While we're on the topic, I ran into O'Neal, Bargnani, Graham, Solomon, and Adams at a restaurant called Social in Ottawa. Here's the story:

My friend was in the washroom when he noticed a 7 footer at the sink. He didn't think much of it until he stepped up to wash his hands, looked up in the mirror and saw Bargnani's face. He jumped backed in shock and Bargnani looked at him with a smile. He, knowing I am a huge fan, asked "Wanna come meet my friend?" Bargs was like "sure, why not?". He actually came over to our table, shook my hand, and took the time to snap some pics with us. I almost shat my pants when he walked over.

Later that night, I was walking to the washroom and looked down a hall to a VIP room on the way. I saw Bargs at a table with Solomon and thought, the whole team must be there. So after discussing with my crew we grew the balls to walk over and ask them for a pic. We approached Solomon and Adams but they just tried to ignore us. They had the wtf are you doing face. Right than I saw O'Neal smile at us, got up and told us of course we can get a pic. He was the chillest out of all of them, he went to each of us and shook our hands. And after he told us thanks for stopping by.

Overall I think it depends on the character and the mood they are in. O'Neal and Bargs were super chill and Solomon and Adams just didn't want to be bothered. WE all left at the same time and we saw graham on the way out and asked for a pic, but he was like "naw, we gotta get outta here."

Can someone tell me how to post pics? I can show you guys the pics we snapped. I hit the insert image button but it asks for a link. Is there anyway to post them straight from your computer?

Its stories like this that help me keep the faith.

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