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Decent playground baller
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Good: He's one of the best shooters from the 5 position. He has a really soft touch. He blocks a lot of inside shots. He's money from the free-throw line. He's a solid passer from the post. He grabs a ton of offensive rebounds. He's an above average defensive rebounder. Tremendous size. Bounced back from foot injuries really well.

Bad: He's a big stiff. When he does grab an offensive rebound, he rarely finishes with power. Doesn't always block out real well for offensive rebounds. Picks up a lot of cheap fouls. Doesn't have great shotblocking instincts and gets himself out of position a lot. Past injuries are a cause for concern. Slows the team down in the fast break. Not a very good defender despite stats. Rarely dunks the ball when in close. Despite his size, Z rarely punishes his opponet on the block. Is inconsistent, will have 9 points one night and 26 the next.
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