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PG - D. Wade
SG - T. McGrady
Can he play the whole season?
SF - R. Jefferson
Always a solid contributer
PF - D. Howard
will give you FG% and Rebounds
C - P. Gasol
out for a few months. you sure on this one?
Z. Randolph
Util - R. Foye
interesting what he offers
BN - W. Szczerbiak
good third option
BN - K. Martin
can he play a whole season?
BN S. Francis
BN - J. Magloire
BN - A. Bargnani
wonder what this kid has

you have no PG. you have no frontcourt help other than Dwight.

your team essentailly is lacking in assists, 3s, and possible FT%. TO will also be high.

your team sucks basically.
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