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Originally Posted by razzy
Hey all...

I'm looking for good, knowledgeable and competitive owners that want to be part of a multi-year tiered league.

Here are the basics, and then how it works...

Each league will be a non-keeper roto style league with the following 8 categories... Pts, reb, ast, stls, blks, 3 pointers made, fg%, and ft%

There will be 12 teams in each league

Each team will have 14 players, 11 active and 3 bench

The 11 active players will be 2 C, 4 F, 4 G, and 1 UT (any position)

The leagues will be ran on Yahoo. We will have a trade deadline of the end of February (exact date will be announced later), and the drafts can be either offline (email draft), or live Yahoo draft. Please specify which you would prefer when you reply.

The league fee will be $30 bucks

The prize breakdown will be as follows: Half of all the prize money (12 teams X $30 = 360 / 2 = $180) will go towards future league (next year and possibly beyond, depending on how many leagues we end up having) prizes, and half will go to current season prizes.

First place this year wins $90, second gets $60, and third gets $30.

Here is an example of how the tiered aspect works.

Say we get two leagues of 12 teams each. The top 6 finishers in each league will become part of one league next year, which will also be a non-keeper league with all of the same parameters.

The 12 owners who finished in the bottom 6 of each league wont be a part of this league next year.

The prize money for next year's "ultra" league will break down as follows....

$180 from each of the two leagues this year will go towards next years prizes. Each of the 12 owners who advance to the "ultra" league will pay $30 next year, all of which becomes part of the prize pool.

So $180 X 2 leagues this year, plus $30 X 12 owners next year = $720 prize money for next year's league.

The $720 will be divvied up as follows... $270 to the first place team, $180 for second, $120 for third, $90 for fourth, and $60 for fifth.

If we end up with three leagues this year, then the top 4 finishers from each league will be invited to be in the "ultra" league for next year. NOTE: If it comes to this, I may change it to invite the top 6 teams, plus two more teams that rank next highest in points, to participate in two 10-team leagues next year, and one 10-team league the year after that.

If we get four leagues, then we would add a third year to this and would have two "ultra" leagues next year, and then take the top finishers from that league and have one league for the year after that, with even more prize money available.

Who will end up in each league will be randomly chosen. I would like for each league to have one person to act as commissioner, to help oversee the league. If necessary, the leagues could be split up into those who want to do a live draft and those who want to do an email draft.

This type of league will reward knowledge and competitiveness, and will be a "dog eat dog" league where the ultimate winner will be rewarded handsomely.

If you are game, then either reply here, or email me at PLEASE inform me as to what your drafting preference is - either a live Yahoo draft, or an email draft. Also email or post any questions.

I have plenty of experience at running leagues, and I run them well. This league will be no different, and I think this concept will be a lot of fun!





How can you guarantee that he just won't take your money? Easiest $720 he ever made. Oh, and guess what? When he runs with your money you can do nothing! Anyone who signs up for this DESERVES to have their money stolen.

Even if he did do it 'honestly', the other half of the money could easily go into his pocket as he 'isn't able' to whatever extent do a league next year.

Ugh. I swear. If you sign up, you're retarded.
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