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Default Re: Delonte West and dealing with depression

Originally Posted by mlh1981

Glad to see him back, and dealing with his issues. People probably just assume that rich athletes don't have depression issues and what not, but we are all susceptible. These sorts of issues are hard to reveal for an individual in the macho world that is professional sports, so I think he deserves alot of credit for this.

I don't think I've ever made it a secret here that I have dealt with depression as long as I can remember.

I've tried every form of therapy there is, with no help. Medicinal, phone therapy, shrinks, self-help books. If an NBA player with all that money and resources can't get it together, it really doesn't make me feel confident.

My problem is anxiety, which leads to depression.

Anyways, I read the article in the PD about it. The line that struck me the most, because it reminds me of my own problem:

"When everything is on the upside, I'm feeling the worst. "

People who don't know what that means can't really relate to what he's saying. They don't know what its like to be in a room full of people that you love, and care about you, and be miserable inside.

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