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Default Re: Can Kevin Martin become a top-tier NBA star

He is a great offensive scorer and is an above average defender. What he needs to get to the next level? Playmaking. He sorely lacks in this department. He is at a point, where he could points up at will, by either dropping the mid range J or slithering inside and drawing contact and getting to the line (one of the best in the game). The question remains to be answered, can he make his teammates better? So far, it's a no. While his offensive prowess have an impact on the game, his playmaking isn't at a level where he can make others better. I am not really sure if he'll ever get to the next level, but as it stands now, he is more of a second option on a championship contending team. He could be option 1B on a team where the second player is equivalent to him in talent but with different skill-set. A guy who can put up 18, 6 and 6 efficiently and create for others. That team must be defensively focused to be successful...
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