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Default Q&A with Keven Durant

Q&A with Kevin Durant
Published: October 20, 2008

What have you learned about this team so far?

We work hard and play hard and we play for each other. We love being around each other. Thatís one thing that always helps a team out, and we didnít have as much of that last year. Now you can see the camaraderie and us jelling together. We should be good throughout the year

Whoís stood out to you in these practices?

Mo Sene has stood out to me the most. Heís coming off a big time knee injury, and heís coming in and heís playing hard. Heís getting rebounds, blocking shots, dunking on guys and just showing a lot of energy for a guy thatís been out for awhile. Thatís good to see. So Iím happy for him.

Whatís your mindset like in the final days before the start of the regular season?

Just know that itís an uphill battle from now to get to that goal. Iím anxious to get started, and everybody is as well. Iím just excited to see how weíre going to do this year. I know itís going to be some struggles here and there, but itís going to be fun to see how we bounce back from them.
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