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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Dallas's issues when Kidd was there went far beyond Jason Kidd. The three Js had issues but on the court Kidd did his job. won co-ROY. Taking him over Hill was the wrong pick mainly because of how great Hill became, not because Kidd wasn't good enough himself.

They traded Kidd 2.5 years into his tenure for .50 on the dollar - Finley and Cassel. It was because the three J's couldnt get along. I'm sure they all take some blame - but maturity and judgment both on and off the Court - have to be accounted for.

Kidd is a great player and has really grown (he was drafted as a freshman, so you expect some growing up) but as a drafter, I have to take maturity and judgment into account when using something as valuable as a top-pick.
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