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Default Re: Welcome to the Charlotte Bobcats fan forum!

I'm sure you heard what Doug Collins said the other night; Larry Brown teams always get a little worse before they get better. No doubt that's due to the flood of information they have to digest and then execute.

What I'm seeing from the guys right now offensively is confusion, most likely mixing up the plays in their heads and just trying to go against nature (in other words what they've been doing the last 4 years) and trying to play Brown's way. It's going to take some time.

I think we start slow but finish well. How soon the players grasp the system will depend on how quickly that transition happens.

IMO the defense is showing great signs of improvement. Up til the blowout I thought we did an outstanding job on D for the most part.

Except for May. He was pure liability the entire 7 minutes he played.
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