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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
You are a falkin idiot who in the middle of spewing out spin tries to pass it off as fact.

Let's examine all the BS spin that you have spewed out here from your partisan sources:

1.Peter Jennings a Canadian - irrelevant to your story and this thread, just added in to further the American misconception that Canadians are morally bankrupt liberals when in reality Canada is only fiscally liberal and actual as far as society goes much more conservative than the US. You only think otherwise because we apply logic to 'hotbutton' (see swing vote)issues such as gay marriage or abortion (which btw is easier to have in the USA than Canada).

I mention that Jennings was a Canadian and from that, you start babbling on about Canada's morality, gay marriage and abortion? I haven't heard such paranoid, nonsensical, rambling at the jaw in a long time. Obviously I pointed out that Jennings was a Canadian AND a liberal(not a liberal Canadian) to negate any comments on his objectivity, something I am sure many here feel about Fox News' Wallace.

2.Clinton was not a liberal either. In the political spectrum he was a centrist.

False. Clinton was a liberal. Like I said he let polling do the thinking for him, so that may have masked many of his views but from dodging the draft, trying to establish a universal health care system that America didn't want, to fighting welfare reform tooth and nail, it is plainly obvious that Clinton was, is and will be a die-hard liberal. Even the last Ramsussen(sp) Poll concerning his ideology has twice as many Americans viewing him as a liberal versus a moderate.

3. 'polling done with both historians and general public'! why dont you admit it came from a right wing funded group. Give me sources, give me the science and methodology behind the polling. You cant because it is bunk. Just like all other right wing BS.

It's CSPAN you paranoid phuck, not Fox News They established the historian panel. What are they a right wing funded group now too? The same panel rated him as the fifth best president for economic management, yep they sound pretty right wing to me.

4. 'He flew off the handle and threatened his liberal buddy'. There is the 'L' word again, conservatives have tainted this word and now instead of progressive it means being a wimpy, anti-American, out of touch elitist, and now they use it all the time to skew reality. Face facts dickwad, Jennings worked for ABC, which belongs to the same company that wouldn't distribute Farenheit 911, but decided to make their own 911 movie with falsities all through it. The US media has been a joke for years, at least Clinton has the balls to stand up to a smear merchant and not hide behind Tony Snow like Bush, but then again if Bush had to answer for himself there is no way he'd still be in office.

"Conservatives have tainted this word"? You gotta be kidding me. It's the "liberals" insecurities in who they are which have "tainted" this word. If you are confident in who you are then no amount of labeling can hurt you. However if you slink away into the shadows when your ideology is brought up, then yeah, you are going to taint your ideals. How many "right wingers" or "conservatives" are ashamed when you call them on it? Hell they are proud of it. Pretty much says it all.

And did Bush ever try and stop the production of Fahrenheit 911? Nope. Did Clinton try and stop the airing of ABC's 9/11 movie? He threw a temper tantrum. That right there pretty much sums it up in how close to reality each of the 2 hit home and furthers Clinton's fragile ego legacy. Hell, Bush hasn't even spoken out against the film depicting his murder.

5. 'Clinton a nutcase'. Yeah, in the same way George Bush is autistic. In fact I bet if we polled strangers who heard each of them talk on the issues for five minutes without seeing their faces, 99% would assume GWB to be autistic while maybe 0% would assume Clinton to be a nut job...but at least you are showingyour true biased colors here.

99% would view Bush as autistic, but 0% would view Clinton as a nutcase? And I am biased? I'll leave you wallowing in your own hypocrisy on this one.

6. 'It burns Clinton to this day that he is the only president in US history to serve 2 terms AND NOT GARNER MORE THAN 50% IN EITHER ONE!'
I dont think this bugs Clinton in the slightest, in fact, FoxNews was created in 1996 to make sure a Dem never won again, that is how Clinton rolled. Besides, the sting that Bush one felt in losing is probably 100 times worse.
Since you love facts so much, name a president who survived more witch hunts than Clinton.

OJ "survived" his troubles too. I got about the same amount of respect for Clinton. He wouldn't have had to survive anything and wouldn't have had to be disbarred, impeached, found in contempt, pay out more court fines than any other US president, pay/silence women he sexually harassed/raped, if he just acted like a normal human being.


and since you are such a moral man, what is worse?

Getting a hummer at work


Starting an illegal war, which your own senate commitee saidyou lied to rush into and killing 200,000 plus Iraqis in the process.

tell me how your falkin morality works you hippocrite piece of shyt.

George Bush's whole MO is strictly to win votes and maintain power, and he will create false fears and kill 200,000 plus innocent Iraqis to do so.


How do your twisted biased morals defend that?

"Getting a hummer at work"

Nice gloss. Bring your momma over here and let me give her Clinton's version of getting a "hummer". Let's see how down you would be with that.

200,000? Are you idiots still sticking to that number just because it was the highest kill count you could find, nevermind that it came from some obscure Hindu-Muslim rag. I have a question for you, you dolt. If that 200,000 number was published in 2003, don't you idiots think you might want to start adding to it a little to make it a little more realistic?

Fighting for democracy has always been bloody. If good people and nations were afraid of war's collateral damage, the only people who would be in power would be authoritarian dictators and regimes.

If you ever asked 'Why do people hate America?' look in the mirror, it is because there are dumb people like you who wave the flag harder than anyone, giving the green light to greed and actually believe all the BS that comes out of your mouth.

No not really, I have better things to do than hear whiny ass, pompous fools such yourself try to enlighten the public on the evils of capitalism and patriotism when it is clearly obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that you are simply in love with the sound of your own voices.

I do know America's favorability rating has fallen steadily(yes through the Clinton era as well) since the fall of the Soviet Union. It's just a case of resentment towards the unparalled top dog on the block.
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