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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
False. Clinton was a liberal. Like I said he let polling do the thinking for him, so that may have masked many of his views but from dodging the draft, trying to establish a universal health care system that America didn't want, to fighting welfare reform tooth and nail, it is plainly obvious that Clinton was, is and will be a die-hard liberal. Even the last Ramsussen(sp) Poll concerning his ideology has twice as many Americans viewing him as a liberal versus a moderate.

66% of Americans viewing Clinton as a liberal (as opposed to moderate) does not sound like that high of a percentage. I would guess 95% of Americans would view Bush as a conservative (statistic pulled out of my ass).

Dodging the draft is hardly a liberal position consider how many in the Bush adminstration tried to avoid service in Vietnam (not intended to be a shot, merely a point about assigning political ideology based on this particular issue). Kerry faught in Vietnam and there isn't much doubt in my mind that he's a liberal (based on his voting record).

Many Americans are interested in a Universal Health Care system. If Clinton did nothing but rely on polls, he would have not pushed for something that "America didn't want".

He leaned to the left, for sure, but he wasn't really a true liberal.

It's CSPAN you paranoid phuck, not Fox News They established the historian panel. What are they a right wing funded group now too? The same panel rated him as the fifth best president for economic management, yep they sound pretty right wing to me.

Just out of curriosity, who are the 4 above him (in economics)?

Clinton's morality was not good, by any means, but his failing was a personal issue (ie adultary with ugly interns). Clinton did not own slaves. He did not propose sending all blacks to Africa. He was not quoted in "Birth of a Nation" giving support to the KKK (calling them saviors of the South) and segregating Washington, while at the same time trying to promote "freedom in Europe" and even making statements supporting the NAACP. Clinton was not the first President to cheat on his wife. He simply had more effort going into exposing it, so he lied about it and was caught.
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