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Originally Posted by Cavs Fan
True, that was a case were he dipped his toe into unchartered territory, got badly burned, and retreated to his comfort zone

He got burned because he did not have the support of Congress. His "comfort zone" are where most of his policies came from. There were only a few issues where Clinton was particularly liberal.

I don't know who the four ahead of him were in economics. Jennings told Clinton in their interview that he was rated fifth among CSPAN's selected historians. Clinton seemed very pleased with this. PJ then told Clinton that he was rated 2nd to last in moral authority and that's were he lost it and started issuing threats. I am watching CSI right now, but I am sure you can easily find the CSPAN historian data by googling it.

Later. I'm pretty busy now (why am I responding now, anyway?)

I am guessing that the historian's interpretation of moral authority was based on ethics of the times, and not revisionist ideals.

Fair enough. Even so, Kennedy cheated on his wife just as much. Woodrow Wilson promised to help blacks, but segregated Washington more. He called the KKK saviors of the South. I guess that would be revisionist ideals, but he probably shouldn't have made one statement to get the black vote (the first Democrat to win the black vote), but then go completely against his word.
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