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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
You mention he was Canadian, irrelevant. But not really to your line of attack, it makes Jennings seem symplathetic to Clinton's 'liberalism'. You are so in tune with your double speak you cant even keep up.

the fact he is even mentioned in this thread, irrelevant

I never blabbered on about Canada's morality. I simply pointed out the fact that it is a lot more conservative than the right wing smear merchants lead the US public to believe. Canada has a conservative gov't BTW, but if that news became well known, or the fact that 20 Canandian soldiers died in Afghanistan last month the right wouldn't have the ace up their sleeve any longer that they could throw out there in debate as carelessly as you did.

You were babbling then, you are babbling now. 20 soldiers dead in Afghanistan? Right wing smear merchants? Come one, keep your sh.t in line.

Ask the 47 million Americans who don't have health care if they want it.

All Americans are entitled to some form of health care. Hell even the illegal aliens aren't denied health care if it is necessary. Most of Americans like myself are covered by some of the best health care the world has to offer. Certain things like prescription drugs being so expensive could be better, but hey no system is perfect.

Okay, let me put it like this:

What if the word conservative was twisted through the media to mean the extreme, 'World is Flat', 'Kill People of Color and Non Christians', 'ARule the world with an iron fist', 'let the poor rot in the streets'. More conservatives would be uneasy with that label too. The media has made liberal out to be extreme. No one hides from the label, they jsut hate the way it has been chaged.

Depending on which study you want to cite anywhere from 5-10 times as many media members consider themselves liberal versus conservative. It wasn't the media who twisted the "L" word, it was liberal's insecurity of how mainstream America view's their extreme ideals. Conservatives saw blood in the water when liberals tried to shy away of bringing their true values to light instead standing tall and being proud of what they represent.


Bush tried at length to stop the movie you lying little piece of turd. They even tried to say it would effect the outcome of the election.

Stop being such a b.tch puppet. Moore stated that "someone connected to the White House" and a "top Republican" tried to postpone the release of his film but never provided any evidence to back that up. Show me the evidence of where the White House tried to stop that film. Until then I can only assume that you are one of many, Moore has dangling by the strings.

Clinton is still building his legacy by the way, and no matter how many times you guys try to knock him down, like Sunday with your lil beyotch boy Wallace, he comes out on top.

If Clinton is confident of his stature and legacy, then how come he falls all over himself everytime some interviewer doesn't throw him a softball question?

No I just used the same empirical formula that those who went to war use, when Saddam first killed 50,000 then it went to 100,000, then 150,000, and now anywhere from 250,000 to 500,000...pathetic revisionist history.

The fact that the number is in the tens of thousands is beyond shameful, but here you are arguing about it...sick and twisted.

So now there is potentially half a mil dead? There are tens of thousands sure, we carpet bombed uniformed infantry by the thousands. How do these guys get thrown into "innocent" status? And right now, just as it has been for thousands of years, their are umpteens more times people being killed by Arab-on-Arab violence than anything else, at least the US is trying to stop it.

A lot of people had much love for the USA after 9/11 and during the nineties.

Bullcrap, the USA's popularity has nosedived ever since the end of the Cold War. I heard some statistics the other day on NPR(yes I listen to NPR) , where in 1998 65% of England considered the USA a bully, an even higher percentage in France and Germany, and 83% of Israel at the time did not view the USA in a favorable light. The fact that Bush refused to go along with the Kyoto Protocol in 2001(?) pissed Europe off even more.

Even if Clinton held a 4th consecutive term and we never went into Iraq, we would still be be unpopular to most of the world and Islamic fundamentalists would still be trying to kill us. Until China emerges on the world's stage as a player of the USA's magnitude, we will have a target on our backs
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