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Default Re: Is Louis Williams owned in your league?

I cant understand people's infatutation with the guy. He's in the same spot he's been in for the last three seasons: flashes of potential, buried behind other guys.

I always think to myself that if Manu and Arenas and Monta are being stashed, I guess this guy can be too. Would he be hot as hell if Andre gets hurt/traded? Sure. But so might Acie Law, Augustin, Stuckey, Farmar, Westbrook, Dragic, Sergio Rodriguez, and Ukic. Its impossible to know what might happen to starting PGs, but I guess people love to be prepared. I want guys on my team that can produce for me today and tomorrow, or can be used to get me even better players.

End of useless rant. He's a free agent in my 10 teamer, owned in all the others I believe.
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