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Default Re: Nets 2008-2009 Pregame/In Game/Postgame Discussion

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Dam it we lost! I feel a big reason for our loss was Simmons and Yi! They sucked d!ck vs the Warriors.
They weren't as much of an issue as those goddam fouls. Any time you send an opposition team to the stripe that many times, you lose.

Let's hope this over-fouling issue isn't a continuing trend, because it affected us against Washington too. So far, I'm willing to just put it down to in-experience in this defense on the part of all our young guys, but if it keeps happening, it's going to be harder and harder to make excuses for them.

Also, did anyone else notice VC's HORRENDOUS luck in the game? Sore wrist after that massive alley-oop, poked in the eye (losing a contact in the process), and jamming his finger on an attempted steal by Nelson (the Warriors rook). Considering all that, I'd say 20 points from him was a pretty good effort, lol.
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