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jealous old motherfu(ker still trying to get a fu(king name. . . if somebody like g rap had something to say about motherfu(king rakim, maybe it might hold a little weight. but this motherfu(ker talking about rakim?!

maybe eric b. is pulling these strings?!

Originally Posted by LALakerFan4Life

Someone is getting ready to do the absolutely unthinkable: call Rakim out on a record by name. It's not going to be anything like the subliminal sparring that was rumored to be going on between Rakim and Big Daddy Kane in the '80s. This person is going to dis the God, one of the greatest MCs ever. Who has enough courage to do so? None other than Mr. Fearless himself, Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles. The song is called "The King Is Down" and appears on his new LP, Amerikkkan Black Man.

"I will eat Rakim's @$$ alive on any record, any stage," Bumpy Knuckles asserted recently. "When I finish with him, every bit of legendary status he had is gonna go out the window. I swear on everything I stand on, I will eat that n---a alive, bar by bar. I'll tell him to his muthaf---in' face."

So now you're gasping for air, and wondering why Freddie a legendary hip-hop figure in his own right, who's earned respect for street pedigree as well as rap skills is going at Ra. Well according to Foxxx, it goes back to the '80s in Wyandanch, New York, where Foxxx's rap team Supreme Force used to be competitive with Ra's team the Love Brothers. This was pre-Eric B. and Rakim.

"We got a history, you know. We got a real long history," Foxxx explained. "We from the same part of town. Ra has always had an attitude towards me that he was better than me on the mic and more successful. How dare he think he can out-rhyme me. He has one style, that's all he's ever had."

What really got Foxxx upset, he said, was a Q&A with Rakim he read on hip-hop Web site Halftime Online. Rakim was asked about a battle that supposedly took place back in the day between the Love Brothers and Supreme Force squad.

"I never f---ing turned down a battle with that muthaf---er!" Rakim is quoted as saying. "Foxxx wasn't ferocious like that. Foxxx had two other cats that used to rhyme with him. They were a good group, but Foxxx wasn't ferocious like that baby pa."

"I read the article and it set me off," Foxxx said. "He said I'm 'not ferocious.' How dare he? His ego kicked in. I said I'm gonna let the world who he really is. People are only calling him a legend because of what he did with Eric B. Everything after that was wack. Nobody will say it to his face."

Foxxx said he's not sure when the dis record will be coming out, but his LP is slated for sometime in February. WWE champion John Cena and Talib Kweli rap on a record called "Give it to the A&R," while the Alchemist, Pete Rock, DJ Scratch and DJ Premier produced a myriad of the records.

"I'm too old to be chasing publicity," Foxxx said when asked if he really has a legitimate gripe with Rakim or if he's just doing it for hype for his album. "I don't need the publicity. I ain't no hater. But when I see he's so quick to always shoot me in the foot, enough is enough. Why would I want to get recognition on Rakim? He's nothing to me. Y'all see him differently than I do. On the song, I never called his name. We used to call him 'Pop' back in the day. I don't call him 'Rakim' on the record, I call him 'Pop.' "

Bumpy Knuckles also said he dares Rakim to come back at him on wax. "Turn your mic on, B," he said defiantly. "I want him to put me in my place."

Rakim is on tour and could not be reached for comment.

I don't think this dude wanna f*ck with Rakim. He will tear him apart. Rakim the original King of New York!
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