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Default Re: Looking to make a trade, help

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Basically it's JO for's tough. You want pts, 3's and FG%. Cory will give you pts out of those 3.

I would think you could get a better SF who gets 3's then Cory....but maybe JO is tough to trade. I know I would never trade for him, and I didn't draft him in any league.

Who else is on the waiver? Looking at your roster, I don't know if you can afford to give up need his bds/blks.

I would stick to trying to move TMAC, Roy, Rip, Prince etc. Try Rip for Mike Miller.
Well what I was thinking was that I didn't need bds/blks that much. I just picked up Wallace for Arthur. I've got Stat, Dalembert, Ming, and Wallace that can all get me 2 blks a game. And I don't really want Tayshaun cuz I'd have 3 Pistons players, and I dont like to have a ton of people on the same team.

So I don't really want JO cuz of his horrible fg% for a big man, and I was thinking of adding Spencer Hawes, Kendrick Perkins, or Joel Przbilla to help with the boards.

My main weakness I think is the SF. I have 2 eligable SF's; TMac and Tayshaun.

EDIT: Good F/A SF's are Q-Rich, Tim Thomas, Azubuike, Nick Young, and Marquis Daniels.

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