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Originally Posted by onewickedlady
I believe that I've come to one important conclusion about our team. Teams that win consistently have players who are consistent in their play. You know what to expect from them night in and night out. While our guys can show some pretty spectacular play at times, we will never win consistently when for example G-Force gets 34 points one night, six points another night, fourteen points another night. Ditto with our other guys and their stats. Do I make my point? We don't know who is going to show up each game. With rare exception. We can probably count on Okafor to average his double doubles and we can count on Augustine and Shannon Brown and Dudley to come out and play their best but there is no standard of play, no basic realistic expectation of performance. Every game is "lets see who shows up" and "lets see what %tage of them shows up." This situation has to be remedied. But how?

A lot of it is inherent in the game, matchups and positions. Usually a team will have one or two rocks that get pretty much the same numbers every night. All the others are variable depending on the matchups, play calling, etc. And then, of course, sometimes the shot just isn't falling. Right now Mek is our rock, both offensively and defensively. I think in LB's system, he really doesn't care who else is scoring as long as it happens while we play good team defense. The Knicks game was as balanced as our scoring has been among the starters yet. I think we're coming along.
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