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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
man you have no morals. all you post about is raping girls and then going back in time, pirating stuff from the internet, and now shoplifting. are you posting from a prison cell right now?

First off, for the raping part I was speaking hypothetically, I hope you knew that b/c I'm not go back in time anytime soon, and second off, many other posters basically said they would do the same thing.

As for the shoplifting, I attempted to steal a headphones at 15 years-old. Sorry, that's what most teenagers do you know? They go out, do stupid shyt they learn from. But, maybe your right, maybe I should of just wasted my teenager years on ISH repeatedly telling people I'm 16, and bytch how no-one likes me.

Come on guys I just owned TMac and I get no credit. Yet if he made the bingo card, you would all be on his nuts.

Please like me.
Come on please
Remember I'm 16 years old

Maybe when you grow old you can tell your children how you owned your enemy TMac on ISH once. Your kids then proceed to look at each other confused, while your still reminiscing how after all your years on ISH you finally got him. Great job Jimmy Newtron.
Hey ALB,

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that you're one of the biggest f@ggots on this board.

OMG, sTFU you stupid biitch. God stop stalking meeeeeeeeee (sigh) and I owned you.

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