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Default Help with a deal

So I'm in a 14 cat league. But I got this intersting offer. But first let me show everyone my team!

PG: Jaso Kidd
G: Mike Miller
G: Kirk Hinrich
PF: Amare Stoudimire
F: Tim Duncan
F: Rashard Lewis
C: Mehmet Okhur
Util: LuMarcus Aldrige
Bench: Shaquille O'neal
Bench: Raymound Felton
Bench: Kevin Love

Now here are the cats pts,rebs,orebs,drebs,blks,stls,asts,fgm,fg%,ftm,ft %,3ptm,3pt% and TO

Now heres the Deal

I'm Giving up

Tim Duncan
Rashard Lewis
Mehmet Ohkur


Kobe Bryant
Yao Ming

Personally I don't like the deal, due to Ming's history with injuiry, and I feel that I'm giving up rebs with Duncan, and Duncans hot since Manu is injuired.

Tell me what ya'll think, should I do the deal or should I reject it?
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