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Originally Posted by HALLandOATES
You know nothing of my sex life so pull the car in reverse and try again .Use something besides what other guys have said to me over and over again. Gets old, repetitive, na' mean. You started out on this board coming face first out of ceds ass, now you're scrambling for your life . Maybe it's time you go back there cause you just can cut it on your own. Having someone else speak for you worked better.

Hmmm, it was I who started the Frankie Muniz jokes then people copied me. Didn't you copy me with J-Scrub? Get that **** outta here. You Gobb wannabe. Gobb puts some hilarious animation site and you try to do the same but you fail like Shogun with women.


That was directed to GeeWiz. You are the least respected poster on the board behind...... **** it, you are the least respected. You can throw some funny funny here and there but then you kill it trying to throw another ha ha! You never even talk about basketball, what's the purpose of you being here?
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