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Default As a Spurs fan, I do not want Eddy Curry on my team.

Does anyone?

I know we have been thin on the frontline aside from Duncan for a while, but Oberto is just coming back from injury, Bonner is slowly improving, and Tolliver/Mahinmi are yet to play a game. Going 1-3 in our first 4 games isn't a reason to go paranoid and make a drastic move like this.

I am in no way, shape, or form willing to trade away some of our youth in order to take a long-shot in Eddy Curry who has proven to be nothing but a big body in the paint. He is not what we need and I highly doubt a trade to the Spurs will make his career. His presence won't improve our team, and this would be a major mistake.

I really hope the Spurs organization, who have made great moves in the past, come to their senses and don't even consider a move like this.
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