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Default Wow, huge, huge speculation here...

The word is around a Philly news station is that Shaq apparently has hinted to his boy, and one of his favorite NBA friends Allen Iverson that Shaq told him that he wants the little guy there with him in Miami. Knowing that the Heat doesn't have any real parts to offer Philly, Shaq, according to sources has been telling Ivy to do what he did when he was in L.A., and to DEMAND a trade, and to demand that he will only go to Miami. Apparently this story is not to new, and a Miami Herald beat reporter said that someone within the team has already woekout that the numbers work for a Ivy for Jason Williams & A.Walker deal Cap wise.

The only problem is that no way would Philly take back those two pieces of non-talented crud for a All-Star/Hall of famer in Iverson. Which is why it was reported by a close assosiate of Ivy's yesterday that Shaq has been advising Ivy to " Whine & moan " his way out, and into Miami. Apparently the writer said the Heat would offer multiple 1st rounders as well, but problem is, Miami doesn't have any 1st rounders this year, and they are forbidden to deal their next year as well. And I seriously doubt that Philly would be Interested in 1st rounders in the years 2008 & 2010.

It will be interesting to see after the series IF the Heat should lose, do we all of a sudden start hearing rumors that Ivy wants to be dealt to the Heat. If we do, we will know that Shaq Illeagally tampared by contacting Ivy.

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