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Default Dirk for Bosh? Need some help here

I'm being offered Bosh for Dirk. Seems really close to me but i'm not sure what to do. First of all, who would you rather have? Secondly, should I ask for more in a counter to get an upgrade somewhere else? Let's see some opinions/trade suggestions.

9 cats 12 teams H2H league. Notice the roster positions.

His team

PG Jason Kidd (Dal - PG)
SG Ray Allen (Bos - SG)
G Deron Williams (Uta - PG) INJ
SF Jamario Moon (Tor - SF)
PF Rasheed Wallace (Det - PF,C)
F Chris Bosh (Tor - PF,C)
C Andris Biedrins (GS - C)
Util Andrew Bynum (LAL - C)

BN Raja Bell (Pho - SG)
BN Leandro Barbosa (Pho - PG,SG)
BN Charlie Villanueva (Mil - SF,PF)
BN Tyrus Thomas (Chi - SF,PF)
BN Marquis Daniels (Ind - SG,SF)

My team

PG Steve Nash (Pho - PG)
SG Michael Redd (Mil - SG,SF) INJ
G Rajon Rondo (Bos - PG)
SF Gerald Wallace (Cha - SF,PF)
PF Dirk Nowitzki (Dal - PF)
F LaMarcus Aldridge (Por - PF,C)
C Marcus Camby (LAC - PF,C)
Util Mehmet Okur (Uta - PF,C)

BN Spencer Hawes (Sac - C)
BN Rudy Fernandez (Por - PG,SG)
BN Shaquille O'Neal (Pho - C)
BN Marvin Williams (Atl - SF,PF)
BN Francisco Garcia (Sac - SG,SF) INJ
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