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Default Should I do this Trade?

I'm really skeptical about pulling the trigger on this one, can I get some help from you guys?

Raymond Felton
John Salmons
Jermaine O'Neal


Rip Hamilton
Chauncey Billups

This is my squad right now.

Chauncey Billups(Den - PG)
Allen Iverson(Det - PG,SG)
Richard Hamilton(Det - SG)
Richard Jefferson(Mil - SF)
Gerald Wallace(Cha - SF,PF)
Charlie Villanueva(Mil - SF,PF)
Pau Gasol(LAL - PF,C)
David Lee(NY - PF,C)
Nate Robinson(NY - PG,SG)
Ramon Sessions(Mil - PG,SG)
Brandon Roy(Por - PG,SG)
Chris Bosh(Tor - PF,C)
Shaquille O'Neal(Pho -C)
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