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Default Re: Is Spencer Hawes still worth owning?

Originally Posted by benJAMin
Its h2h right? I'm surprised you're having success in assists! I've mentioned tanking assists before with your team, so dealing Felton for someone like Mike Miller or even Terry would work, good fg% from a sg/pg position and threes. Then look to move Baron for someone like JJ, maybe even Granger or Wade if you could.

If its me, I'd own Hawes and Daniels over Chandler all day. I know Nate has been solid, but I'd probably rather own Garcia over him, depending on how long you think you can wait on him.

Thanks Benjamin! I got Terry and then picked up Spencer Hawes. I'm thinking you're right about me punting assists and trying to boost my FG%.
JR Smith is the next to go. I'm going to try grabbing Garcia or Monta when I hear the word. But I play daily line up changes, so I can't afford to have any more injured players. Here's my roster, any suggestions? H2H (Trying to take: Rebounds, Blocks, threes, steals, FG% or points)...Is that how you see it? Thanks!

PG: Baron
SG: Terry
G: Hedo
SF: Rudy Gay
PF: Gerald Wallace
F: Marion
C: Bynum
UTIL: Ilgauskas
UTIL: David Lee
BN: Nate Robinson
BN: JR Smith (So annoyed...Should I give up on him and pick up...Scola, Amir, Garcia, Beno, Bargs, Darko)
INJ: Manu
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