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Default Re: varejao or ariza?

Looks like a 10 or 12 man league, meaning Battier shouldnt be owned. He doesnt do enough to warrant owning when he's actually playing most of the time anyway.

Ariza and Varejao are a toss up. Phil loves Ariza right now in LA, but that doesnt mean he's guaranteed these kinds of mins all year. Varejao has established himself in the rotation, and will probably see the mins he's getting right now. I feel like Varejao is the long term option, because Ariza is battling Odom right now, and Odom is too talented to not get it going eventually (unless he's traded). But feel free to take Ariza for short term value or Varejao for long term I guess.

I wouldnt do the trade. Even though I dont trust Biedrins' situaiton with Nellie, I think you can get much more for him right now.

Who's on the FA list?
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