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1. Rebounding Both Brand and Kaveman are double figure big men inside. Brand is big on the offensive end and Kaveman protects the defensive board. Corey Maggette is a solid 5 boards a game at SF. The bench leader in boards will be Jumpin James Singleton who led the Vegas summer lead in boards, the man is the new and improved version of former Clip Bo Outlaw.

2. Team Defense The Clips zone defense stifled opponents last year including setting an NBA record in limiting Chris Paul and the Hornets to 24 points in the 2nd half a mid season game. The guys may not be great one on one defenders outside Q Ross but they work well as a team to help each other out. EB is solid shot blocker in helping his teammates out and leaving his own man.

3. Inside Game on the Offensive End The Clips half court offense is among the best in the league led by Elton Brand and Sammy. The team also has other scoring threats to compliment Brand and Sammy including Corey,
Tim Thomas, Kaveman, and Cat Mobley.

4. Versatility The depth of the bench and the versatility of Maggette
and Mobley allows the Clips to play either a slow half court game or a speed game like the Suns. Shaun Livingston is great at leading the break with Sammy on the bench while Sammy runs the half court better. Add to this that players like Tim Thomas, Q Ross, and James Singleton can play multiple spots
allowing the Clips to either match up or create matchup problems for opponents. The two headed PG lineup of Sammy and Livingstick also creates problems for opponents.

5. Veteran Leadership Sammy is the on floor coach of the Clips. EB
and Maggette are now vet players with EB being one of the most mature
superstars in the league. Cat Mobley adds to the mix along with Aaron Williams off the bench. The Clips have solid team chemistry with good
mix of talented experience and youth which makes them a contender.


1. Outside Shooting The Clips were near the bottom of the league
again last year in 3 point shooting. Their opponents put in 184 more 3 pointers during the regular season. This works to a difference of more than 6 points a game!!!!

2. One on One D Brand, Kaveman, especially Cassell, and Maggette are not great individual defenders. Q Ross is the only real great individual defender on the team with Shaun Livingstick being the next best defender.
Breaking the Clips team and zone D down is one of the keys to beating them

ya... what he said...
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