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Keep A.I for starters make him ur SG not a pg he will b ur #1 option..Get a True winning coach that has good NBA experience someone that the players will a larry brown but not too tight assed Cheeks is too slack players push him around every where he goes. keep Dalembert..keep Korver (6th man)..Keep Iguldala everyone else u have to go through the market of players u can use to strengthen ur teams depth from the starting line up to the bench 1st thing u would need is a true point guard that can give u like 10 points a night and 6-8 assists a night then u look for a decent free agent or player in last years of contract that can compliment iverson in scoring a 20 point scorer ..i know its easier said than done but i feel if 6ers can do this they will b back on track ..u cant give away ur franchise player especially when hes still the top ten player in the leauge
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