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Default Should I dump a player for Bonzi?

Here is my lineup:

1. Baron Davis/Sam Cassell
2. Rip Hamilton/Gerald Wallace
3. Shawn Marion
4. AK-47/Zach Randolf/SAR
5. Chris Mihm


Bobby Jackson
Kevin Martin

Ok, as you can see, I lack big men, but I make up for the boards and blocks with my forwards. Defensively, I've got a great team with Marion, ak-47, Wallace, and Baron. But, I lack scoring. Rip and Randolf will give me points, but the rest are inconsistent. I'm thinking of dumping Bobby Jackson and picking up Wells off of waivers. Since T-Mac is healthy, Wells is going to be the 3rd option, and Bobby is comming off the bench as a Hornet, so I think I'll pick up Bonzi. Good move?
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