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Default Re: Find Out What ALBballer Thinks of You

Originally Posted by hateraid
ALB, you're gonna be a busy boy. It's been a while since one of these rate me threads came up. And since you seem to be the one with the most credibilty of the 3 threads on the front page (no offense to the other two fellas, but I'm pretty sure they're another persona) evryone is gonna hit you up. Better burn up a pot of java, it's gonna be a long night.

I <3 you. I gave Pigto my sister (jokes on him since he's a virgin, wait he is a virgin right? lol.) and I would offer you one of my 100 cousins that I have. Your a cool dude, knows the game but your too nice god dammit. How you gonna let Gobb make fun of your kid and your only response was way too nice about some stupid basketball mistake, Argh.

I'm taking Hyrdoxocut Hardcore, any suggestions/tips.
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