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Default Re: Find Out What ALBballer Thinks of You

Originally Posted by RidonKs

I need a pen pal. Someone I don't know and don't actually have to maintain a relationship with, where I can just spill my guts out whenever I feel I have to. That'd be awesome.

But yeah, do me. Even though you kinda already did. :)

Smart guy, but I can tell by your long winded posts (which I hardly read btw no offense) your a Sociology major or some **** like that. Dude seriously I could take some of your posts and cut them in half and they would still have the same meaning.

Other then that, you're cool. Never had a problem with you and I hope you don't take my Jew jokes seriously.

On a side note, Albania is the only country in Europe after WWII to have a higher Jewish population after the war then before the war. So yeah, we're like the ****, ya digg.
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